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There is one very interesing thing - if you take a heap dump in the situation, when JXM. I' m developing an Android application that uses Fragments. I got this error. NullPointerException: name = = null. What does name = = null mean? Here' s the full log: 02: 22. 422: E/ AndroidRuntime( 2499) : FATAL. I assume you forgot to initialize a variable since that is the usual case for null pointer exception. A quick look at your code and I think it is. Try using another name for this 2 or avoid the ' int' and ' clientThread[ ] '. Check this and tell me whether it. A NullPointerException means that one of the variables you are passing is null, but the code tries to use it like it is not. I can` t tell you what causes this error by your given information, but you can debug it easily in your IDE. NullPointerException: Name is null. Hi, I just had an error while importing a backup from a Zimbra Enterprise export: Code:.

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    extrangely enough, error I can find in log is not the same I see in ZeXtras - > Notifications. tried with SchemaSpy6 RC1 and current The HTML files under / tables are not written. So when I click on a table name then I just get a " file not found". in label of node LOGTEXT. ERROR - null java. NullPointerException: null at java. when it can be null. But in the meantime could you please try again with setting the db parameter accordingly? The first line declares a variable named num, but, it does not contain a primitive value. Instead, it contains a pointer. Calling a method on a null reference or trying to access a field of a null reference will trigger a NullPointerException.

    These are the most. java $ java Test Exception in thread " main" java. NullPointerException: name = = null # 3067. ashk3156 opened this Issue on Jun 24, · 1 comment. And therefore the enumvalue field is null. Also I don' t see where Realm comes into this, this error is not Realm- specific. NullPointerException: name can' t be null RSS feed · Darren Alexandria. But after running this program, I get this error: java. NullPointerException: name can' t be null at java. init( Unknown Source) at java.

    There are no others: $ pwd / c/ apps/ java/ jdk1. 0/ src $ grep - r " \ " Name is null" \ " * java/ lang/ Enum. java: throw new NullPointerException( " Name is null" ) ;. There are, of course, many other Java APIs ( not the Oracle Java SDK).